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Natascha Hauser Middelberg

Independent Healthcare Psychologist

In Mijn Humm

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It's nice to have you here. Taking action to seek help is an important step. I am here to help you, your child or your family with problems related to behavior, emotions and social relationships.

My practice, In My Humm, is open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Together with a team of other independent professionals, including a system therapist, family coach, psychiatrist, clinical psychologist and a fellow mental health psychologist, we offer a wide range of treatment options for different questions.

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Within In My Humm you can go for many different types of complaints, including: Attention and concentration problems, Autism, (Mild) mood complaints, Anxiety complaints, Trauma, (complicated) Grief, Life phase problems, Parenting and behavioral problems and Problems with self-image.

Unfortunately, I currently have no room for new clients. I expect to have room for diagnostics and treatment again around April/May '24'.


In My Humm offers treatments for various types of complaints. My specialization is in treating mood problems, anxiety, trauma, grief and ADHD. In addition to various protocol treatment options, many of which are scientifically proven to be effective, I tailor the treatment to the specific client and their situation.


To understand and treat complaints efficiently, it is important to gain insight into their history and which factors currently influence them. We can do this by using various diagnostic methods, which are chosen in consultation with the client. These can range from intelligence research to questionnaires, observations and more.


Where necessary, collaboration with colleagues who work at the same location can be initiated. We also have collaborations with other practices focused on learning and coaching. These collaborations are considered and deployed in consultation.

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In the context of free choice of doctor, health insurers do reimburse non-contracted care, albeit often only partially. Insurers use their own hourly rate, which often differs from the hourly rate of the Dutch Healthcare Authority. Often only a certain percentage of that hourly rate is reimbursed, depending on the type of policy you have. In addition, in principle the deductible (€385 in 2023) is used first.

Pay yourself

You can register with me as a self-payer for children and youth as well as for those aged 18+. The invoice will then be sent to you (or your parents) and you will pay it yourself. You have no obligations and do not have to comply with any regulations of your municipality (18-) or your health insurer (18+).

Child & youth 18-

In collaboration with Nathalie Kuijpers (psychiatrist), care for children and young people can be reimbursed by the municipality if he/she is registered in the municipality of Amsterdam or one of the DUO municipalities (Diemen, Uithoorn, Ouder-Amstel, and now Weesp). Reimbursement will then be processed directly by us with the municipality.

Adults 18+

As of January 1, 2023, I have entered into a contract with the Achmea umbrella organization, which means that policyholders of Zilveren Kruis, Interpolis, FBTO and De Friesland will have their care immediately reimbursed. Claims are processed directly with these health insurers. Following my previous decision to work contract-free, I have still not concluded a contract with other health insurance companies. However, they will cover the majority of your treatment. For more information and the underlying ideas behind my choice, please visit


Des Présstraat 12, 1075 NX, Amsterdam